Electronic Communication Solutions

We live in the information overload age where access to information is so much easier, but effective utilization of the information sent or received is always questionable. In business, and more specifically in franchising, it is vital to make relevant and user-friendly information available to the network of operators and to ensure that the communication channels are open as well as multi-directional.

The ECS provides the solution for effective communication, management and governance for enterprises and franchise networks. The system provides for an online, easy to use platform, providing relevant business management content with the franchise operations and procedures manual at its core.

The portal is an integrated solution that not only provides relevant business content (operations manual), but also allows for the management and monitoring of compliance issues and other operational components of the business as defined by the franchisor in the operations manual. Furthermore, communication with the franchisees takes place on a technology platform which is secure yet can be accessed via the internet or a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet. The system further allows for the monitoring, logging and tracking of all communication in every department and by every participant / contributor in real time. A further benefit of the application is that it is presented in modular format which is customizable to meet with business requirements of the franchisor and scalable with the growth of the enterprise.

In addition to the functionality of the system as detailed below an online operations manual would be linked to the system in order for the system to present a truly one-stop communication portal.

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